FileMaker Developer Tools

Extend your own FileMaker solutions with our FileMaker add-ons.

We have a small selection of FileMaker Developer tools to help you extend your own FileMaker solutions. All of our FileMaker developer tools are scripts and custom functions rather than plug-in's so you can easily change any part of the code you like.



Protect your FileMaker solution from piracy with Code-X. Generate and issue registration codes to unlock your solution when your customers pay for your product.



Calculate distances between coordinates or ZIP codes within FileMaker. Use LatitudeZERO to calculate distances for sales reps to travel, or to show a list of clients within a certain radius etc.


CalendarBOX (FREE)

Add a calendar pop-up to your FileMaker solutions. CalendarBOX is free and its open source. You can customise CalendarBOX however you like.


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